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Home Care that focuses on building confidence

CenterCare Home Health’s team of professionals possess the skills and expertise to cover all of your home health care needs, including therapy and medical supplies. This comprehensive approach to home care not only benefits patients in El Paso County, but relieves the stress families feel when coordinating multiple care providers. Whether a family member needs skilled nursing after surgery, physical therapy to restore mobility, or assistance with daily living activities, you can rely on CenterCare Home Health for all your home care needs.

While we love working with home care patients and their families, our primary goal is to provide a level of care that fosters independence and promotes a more active lifestyle. To help patients reach their maximum health and independence, our team emphasizes the importance of educating patients and their families about their care and how they can help take an active role in their recovery. Home care services are covered 100% by Medicare and Medicaid and major health insurance plans for qualified patients.

You may know us as Coach Home Health. We are now also known as CenterCare Hospice, one of the many services provided by CenterCare, proudly serving home care patients throughout El Paso County. Yet we’re still the same great provider with the same great team – with the same heart, commitment and expertise that built our reputation in the communities we’ve served.

What does being homebound mean?

Although it is true that Medicare requires someone to be “homebound” to receive home care services, the definition of homebound has changed and is now much more broad. A person does not have to be bedridden or confined to their home to be considered homebound. The Medicare definition states that occasional absences from the home for nonmedical purposes (a trip to the barber, a walk around the block or a drive) will not necessarily disqualify a beneficiary from being classified as homebound. However, the absences must be infrequent or of a relatively short duration.

Other conditions that classify patients as homebound and eligible for home care services include:

● Being recently released from the hospital after surgery
● Facing debilitating weakness or pain
● Being under physician orders for limited activity
● Having an illness or injury that limits the ability to leave home without supportive devices.
● Having conditions for which leaving home is medically unadvised.

How do I get home care services?

It’s been a long road. But you are making strides. And you’re almost there. Let us help you cross the finish line with home care services that boost your strength, function, comfort and confidence. CenterCare Home Health provides in-home personal evaluations to assess the needs of you or your loved one, and will coordinate care options with your physician, including:

● Advanced wound care
● Care post-hospitalization
● Diabetes management
● Heart failure management
● Home health aide services
● Infusion therapy
● Joint recovery program
● Medical social services
● Occupational therapy
● Post-surgical care
● Rehabilitation
● Skilled nursing
● Skilled physical therapy
● Skilled speech therapy

Please call CenterCare Home Health at 719-600-3040 to learn more.

Is CenterCare Home Health right for you?

Home care provides treatment for an illness or injury that has made it difficult for you to leave your home. It helps you recover, regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible in the comfort of home. Whether you have temporary or chronic health issues, CenterCare Home Health provides qualified medical clinicians who work with you on your path to better health. Our clinical team works with you and your doctor to evaluate your health care needs and develop your plan of care.